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Honing Process

Honing is a process that uses Silicon Carbide , Aluminum Oxide, CBN or Diamond tools to polish the ID of a cylindrical shaft . These tools are mounted on a mandrel that is rotated and reciprocated at the same time. Expansion of the mandrel is controlled by servo controls or hydraulically. Honing gives a surface finish of 0.1 Ra or better in most cases.

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Deep Hole Honing Machine

Profimach Deep Hole Honing Machines are used to process cylindrical holes having standard depth on work pieces. Design and mechanism of our deep hole honing machines differ as per their application types and customer request.  Featured with horizontal structure, these PLC controlled equipment can maintain up to 500 mm honing diameter and maximum 12000 mm honing length. Powered by 11 kw inverter motor with infinite speed variation technology, these Deep Hole Honing Machines are appreciated for their prolonged working life. 

Honing is a commonly used finishing process, the honing process is a special form of grinding, and finishing in a highly efficient machining method.  This process can not only remove larger machining allowance, and is a kind of parts size accuracy and geometric accuracy and surface roughness of effective processing method, can obtain high dimensional accuracy, high shape accuracy and low roughness (up to Ra 0.05), and produces the desired oil-bearing crosshatch pattern., is widely applied in mechanical manufacturing industry.

Honing machines are divided into two kinds, one of type is vertical honing machine, the other one is horizontal honing machine. Our speciality are at present horizontal honing machine for the inner hole.

Honing in the large number of mass production is widely used in the cylinder hole and all kinds of hydraulic equipment for precision hole processing, bore size range for dia. 2 ~ 600 ㎜ or larger, and deep processing of length to diameter ratio of than 10/1.

Deep Hole Honing Machines

Profimach Deep hole honing Machines advantages

Our Deep Hole Honing Machine have the following advantages:

  • High rigidity weld machine bed
  • rack and pinion transmission
  • honing head expanding controlled by servo
  • flush the honing mud by both inner oil spray and outer oil spray
  • advanced design and good result,could be Ra0.2-Ra0.4um
  • Honing diameter range:φ40- φ500mm
  • Max honing length:12000mm
  • Deep hole honing processing accuracy:
    • Honing Hole diameter accuracy:IT7-IT8
    • Honing Hole roughness:Ra0.2-Ra0.4μm
    • Honing Hole roundness:0.02mm

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