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Camshaft Center Hole Gundrilling

Camshaft Gundrilling Solutions

The weight challenge in automotive

Lighter Yet Stronger

In addition to production benefits, a future opportunity for automotive manufacturers that involves deep hole drilling technology is in making vehicle parts lighter yet still maintaining or even increasing their stiffness and strength.

Deep hole drilling can produce thin-wall parts such as axles and power transmission shafts, for example, that provide significantly higher mechanical integrity and better improved energy economy. For instance, drilling a 20-mm axial hole through a heavy 30-mm diameter shaft makes the shaft much lighter while maintaining its stiffness. This lighter shaft has less rotational inertia which, in turn, reduces energy consumption. Designers continually search for such small gains in efficiency and will seek ways to enhance lightness and stiffness throughout the automobile.

As machine tool manufacturers, our job is to listen to our customers, understand what they need, and develop those needs into a solution that is viable from a cost and reliability standpoint. With ongoing advancements in engineering technology, machine manufacturing, and service, what might have been very expensive to do only three or four years ago is now viable. Concepts that once seemed a bit far-fetched are now quite common. Because of that, we design our machines to provide both flexibility and utilization that will enable our customers to successfully face the expected major changes in the automotive manufacturing industry.

Deep hole drilling of engine camshafts

We deliver horizontal deep hole drilling machine to drill oils holes on any type of power or transmission shafts used on automotives or off high way.  Depends on customer parts requirements, we can offer relatively wide selection of choice for customer to drill both on center and off center holes, our multi spindle multi axis knee type PDHM series machine can be considered.
For angle holes, we can make a multi station machine with special part holding fixturing, tooling and chips box to get finished part from raw in each machine ;
No matter on center, off center or angle hole required on any shafts, Profimach can provide you a specific deep hole drilling solutions.

Profile of deep hole drilling machine of Camshaft and Gear shaft

A Camshaft is a key component on the engine to control open and close of engine valve.
Gear shaft is switching speed on the gearbox.
They are mainly made by cast iron and carbon steel materials.

Our specific Horizontal deep hole drilling machine is designed for camshafts and gear shafts. We have two spindles and four spindles with optional automatic loading and unloading device. The depth range of hole: 200—800m;Diameter of hole rang: ¢5—¢30mm.

  1. High precision; precision of hole: IT8-IT10; straightness: ; surface roundness:
  2. High productivity; four workpieces one time, cycle time short;
  3. Wide application;all kinds of casting iron and steel materials
  4. Long service life; fits any quality brand of gundrill tools
  5. Alarm system; control system will alarming when fault happened and feedback to system to fix it.