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Deep Hole Drilling Machine for High-Tech Medical Parts

For the others a challenge, for us a knowledge.

Capable gundrilling for extremely small diameters has opened up a whole new realm of possibility for medical manufacturers, who face similar challenges in both accuracy and production.

Using a proven gundrill process after turning enables a profitable, reliable solution in the challenging small diameters of medical tooling and components.

The challenge of medical deep hole drilling

Deep hole Drilling of surgical grade materials of titanium and stainless steel capability

The length to diameter ratios of drilled holes on some medical parts can be over 400 mm, which presents big challenges to gun drilling technology.

We provide the medical trade high speed spindle and precision machines to drill surgical grade materials of titanium and stainless steel. The counter rotation is a standard feature to minimize total run-out and meet SPC quality control.  

Our Micro Hole single or multi-spindle gun drilling machines with hydraulic steady rest have been selected by several medical parts suppliers to produce medical parts, bone screws and surgical instruments. Our processing and productivity are exceptional and we serve the majority of the industry market.

Drilling hole size Ø1.4 mm to Ø10 mm, max, depth 500mm.


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Medical Implants

Deep Hole Drilling Machines for Medical Applications

Medical implants is a very critical area of application for deep hole drilling. These implants are characterized by the special surgical grade Titanium and steel materials. These have high strength to weight ratio and are resistive to corrosion. Usually medical implants require deep hole gun drilling operations where very small diameter holes are to be generated.  Holes as small as Dia. 1.5mm are to be drilled into Titanium material in slender workpieces. The length to diameter ratios can go upto 350 - 400. Titanium is a good bio compatible material, but is difficult to drill into. Profidrill’s machine tool manufacturing experience makes this challenge disappear. Special arrangements in the design of our machines allow drilling of long, accurate holes with relatively impressive drilling parameters. These machines are used to drill into components like Bone screws, Femoral Nails, Tibial nails and other surgical instruments.