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Multi Spindle Gun Drill Machines

Multi axis gun drilling machines

Our multi-spindle gun drill machine is an exclusive 2-4-6 spindle equipment used for the processing of automobile steering rack bars, other automobile components and air craft parts. With automatic loading system and automatic clamping system, fully automatic cycle permits unattended operation.

These quality multi axis deep hole machines can achieve durable and reliable performance for many years. Profimach is a professional multi-axis deep hole gun drilling machine supplier, CNC deep hole drilling machine supplier.  All our machines are based on advanced and capable technology, which can conduct gun drilling with high efficiency and accuracy.

Two Spindle Gun Drill Machines

Four Spindle Gun Drill Machines

Model PDHG-20/2 PDHG-30/2 PDHG-40/2 PDHG-20/4
 Double spindle   Double spindle   Double spindle   Quadruple spindle
Drill capacity Hole drilling diameter   range  4mm-20mm   4mm-30mm   6mm-40mm   4mm-20mm
Max.gun drilling length  500~2500mm   500~2500mm  500~2500mm  500~2500mm
Spindle Main spindle quantity  2  2  2   4
Main spindle space  140mm  140mm  140mm   140mm
Drill box Main motor power  7.5kw   11kw   15kw   7.5kwx2
Maxiumum rotating speed  5000r/min  5000r/min   3500r/min   5000r/min
Headstock power  1.5kw  1.5kw  1.5kw  1.5kw x 2
Rotating speed  120r/min  120r/min  120r/min   120r/min
Tool infeeding Infeed speed range  5-500mm/min  5-500mm/min  5-500mm/min   5-500mm/min
Rapid speed  4m/min  4m/min  4m/min   4m/min
Infeed motor torque  7.5Nm   10Nm   10Nm   10Nm
Coolant system Maxiumum flow  100L/min  150L/min   200L/min   200L/min
Maximum pressure  10Mpa  10Mpa   8Mpa   10Mpa
Filtering accuracy   20um   20um   20um   20um
Processing accuracy Hole size accuracy   IT7-IT10   IT7-IT10   IT7-IT10   IT7-IT10
  Hole roughness   Ra 0.8-3.2 µm Ra 0.8-3.2 µm Ra 0.8-3.2 µm Ra 0.8-3.2 µm
Hole deviation Job fixed - Tool rotating 1mm/1000mm 1mm/1000mm 1mm/1000mm 1mm/1000mm
Job rotating - Tool rotating 0.5mm/1000mm 0.5mm/1000mm 0.5mm/1000mm 0.5mm/1000mm
General power Machine general power   25kw   33kw   42kw   42kw

4 Spindle OEM Build