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Deep hole drill PDHVG4-HS Series (four stations)

High productive deep hole drilling in shafts, master cylinder and gears

The machine adopts the structure of two by two-way opposite and simultaneous cutting. Since the two symmetrical holes of the workpiece are processed by two pieces of tools at the same time, the resistance to cutting and the cutting force are in a balanced state. Multiple parts can be processed in series, and the efficiency is more than twice that of a single-piece tool.

This duo-twin spindle high speed deep hole drilling machine is designed and manufactured for making high volume parts like master cylinder, wheel cylinder, clutch cylinder, etc. This deep hole drilling machine is designed with upside down unit spindles. This arrangement allows chips to fall out easily. In addition, twin spindle structured machines can process four pieces at a time.


High Productivity deep hole drilling Machines

Master brake cylinder before and after deep hole drilling

PDHVG-HS Series: High speed high volume Deephole drilling machine

High speed drilling for big volume production

Main parameters PDHVG4-450HS
Max drilling diameter  mm ø40
Max clamping diameter   mm ø60
Max workpiece length  mm 450
Position number pieces 4
Weight  kg 5700
Length ×width    mm 5500×2500