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Machines with Counterboring Capabilities

All our BTA Deep Hole Drilling machines can use counter boring tools as standard

The counterboring process enlarges existing holes in tubular workpieces which have been drilled or cast .

This process can be configured to pilot off a finished bore for diameter requirements,

or off the pre-bore for maximum concentricity.

Counter boring is an effective process for a wide range of diameters, up to 630 mm 

Counter Boring Process

Counter Boring operation basically enlarges a pre-drilled bore. Usually counter boring is used when machine power does not allow solid drilling of that size.It covers a large range of diameters up to 500mm. The number of cutting edges on the tool can vary depending upon the amount of stock removal. As the counter bore tool enters the component, the pads are supported by the finished bore diameter. The Coolant and chips flow is similar to BTA drilling operation or chip forward.

Counter boring from 30mm to 500mm with standard Tooling

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